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Amarillofields Bengals

Purchase Agreement

Sex:    Color:    Birthdate:


This kitten is being sold as a pet.

Kitten Price:

Pick-Up/Shipped Date:

The kitten/cat MUST leave here in a CAT CARRIER. A $30 fee will be required if seller must provide a carrier for cat to leave.

Purchaser agrees to ALL of the following:

1.) Under no circumstances will this kitten/cat ever be sold or given away to wholesaler/s, retailer/s, be donated for a raffle, abandoned or be placed in any shelter or refuge type facility. If purchaser becomes unable to keep this kitten/cat FOR ANY REASON buyer agrees to return said kitten/cat to Amarillofields Bengals to be placed in a selective home. There will be NO cash refunds upon return. Kitten/Cat may NOT be resold unless written permission is given.

2.) This kitten/cat shall NOT be allowed to roam outdoors freely at any time.
3.) This kitten/cat has been transferred as a companion quality.
4.) Kitten is sold with TICA pet papers that will only be provided once proof of alter is provided by Purchaser. Alter may not occur later than ___________.

5.) Purchaser agrees to provide immediate veterinary attention to the kitten/cat upon any signs of illness or distress. Seller will not pay any veterinary bills unless agreed to in advance and in writing.
6.) Purchaser states that there are no pesticide treatments or programs used in the residence
where this cat will reside.

7.) The purchaser has examined this kitten/cat and found it to be in good health and free of parasites.

8.) If this cat/kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated the purchaser will surrender this cat/kitten to Amarillofields Bengals unconditionally. No refund of purchase price will be given.

9.) Purchaser agrees that if there should be legal action in regards to this cat/kitten, the Purchaser will be responsible for all legal fees, including Seller’s attorney cost, interest and cost of action. All legal action must be held in the Seller’s current city and state.

10.) This contract shall be deemed a legal binding document between the two parties (purchaser & seller) regardless of signature once kitten is purchased and all rights and guarantees are NOT transferable. Purchaser is also aware that all proceedings, including disputes, with Amarillofields Bengals are to remain between Seller and Purchaser.

48 Hour Health Guarantee:
The above kitten/cat is guaranteed to be in good health upon delivery. Purchaser (at purchaser's expense) must have this kitten/cat checked by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of obtaining above said kitten/cat. Failing to provide proof of the vet exam in the 48 hour period immediately renders this contract null and void. Kitten/cat must be quarantined from all other animals in the home for a period of 2 weeks.  All kittens/cats receive up to date shots of: Rhinotracheitis, Calici and Panleukopenia. There are no guarantees against Cocidia, Giardia, URIs, Worms, Fleas, Ticks, Ear mites and other minor parasites that happen with kittens/cat and are not life threatening. Seller promises the kitten is healthy and proper shots and de-wormings have been given to prevent any and all potential problems. If this kitten/cat has been found to be medically deficient, such findings MUST be reported to the seller immediately. Purchaser will return kitten at their expense within 3 days of 48hr guarantee to receive a replacement. Purchaser will be offered an equal quality kitten as replacement when one becomes available. Any shipping and/or veterinarian expenses are the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.


One Year Health Guarantee:

 If this kitten/cat has been found to have a life threatening problem, untreatable disease or birth defect, buyer must notify seller with a veterinarian certification in writing of exact nature of defect. Under no circumstances may this kitten/cat be euthanized if a condition is treatable or without permission from seller. If kitten/cat dies during treatment or suddenly, replacement will only be made after a veterinarian has certified that the exact cause of death was related to an untreatable disease or birth defect. The kitten/cat will be replaced if the veterinarian finds this kitten/cat to have a deadly congenital health defect. NO CASH REFUNDS. The kitten/cat will be exchanged for another of equal value and same sex when one is available provided a letter from the veterinarian is given as evidence of the kitten's/cat's congenital defect and the kitten/cat is returned along with all the TICA and pedigree papers. Any shipping and/or veterinarian expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Replacement must be claimed as soon as a replacement if offered. Seller reserves the right to refuse any further extension if buyer fails to accept a kitten/cat offered as a replacement. Once replacement kitten/cat is in buyer’s possession, replacement kitten/cat CAN NOT be transferred by sale or gift to a third party. If replacement kitten/cat is not wanted by buyer anytime after taking possession of kitten/cat, the kitten/cat MUST be returned to seller at buyers expense. Buyer agrees to never have this kitten/cat vaccinated for FIP. It has been proven to sometimes predispose a kitten/cat to this disease once the vaccine has been given.

 Legality Issues:

Contract may be subject to change without notification and will go off current contract used by Seller. By giving us form of payment for purchase of cat/kitten(s) you have accepted terms of our contract. All kitten/cat sales through Amarillofield are covered by the terms of contract regardless of signature/s. Agreement may be verbal, electronic or written as to include out of state buyers who must ship their kittens.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to review terms of this contract.

Seller has no immediate plans to discontinue breeding Bengal cats but guarantees and warranties are only valid as long as kittens are still being produced.     Buyer is responsible for checking local and state hybrid laws regarding the legality of the hybrid breed. Seller is not responsible for any legal fees or fines acquired once a hybrid is purchased by buyer. If this contract is breeched for any reason the Purchaser is required to return cat/kitten to Amarillofields Bengals immediately at Purchaser’s expense.  Seller is also able to bring legal action against Purchaser if any part of this contract is breeched in the amount of $3,000.00 per infraction.




Purchaser’s Signature:


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